Mental Leap 2 – Wonder Week 8

Mental Leap 2
The World of Patterns

Sometime around 8 weeks your baby will begin to experience the world in a new way. He will be able to recognize simple patterns in the world around him and in his own body … Read More

In the Uterus

In the uterus

Some people think that the period in the womb is mostly for physical growth. Of course there is some truth to this, but there is more to it. In the last period of pregnancy, babies begin to do things with their brain. Perhaps it is to go too far to say that they think, but studies show that babies start … Read More

Mental Leap 1 – Wonder Week 5

mental leap 1
The World of Changing Sensations

For much of the last 4 or 5 weeks, you have watched your infant grow rapidly. You have become acquainted with each other, and you have learned all of his little ways … Read More

Mental Leap 3 – Wonder Week 12

Mental Leap 3
The World of Smooth Transitions

With mental leap 3, at around 11 or 12 weeks, your baby will enter yet another new world as he undergoes the third major developmental leap since his birth … Read More

Mental Leap 4 – Wonder Week 19

Mental Leap 4
The World of Events

With mental leap 4, at around 19 weeks (or between 18 and 20 weeks), his ability to understand the world around him becomes far more developed and a little more like our own. He will begin to experiment with events … Read More

Mental Leap 5 – Wonder Week 26

Mental Leap 5
The World of Relationships

With mental leap 5, at about 26 weeks, your baby will start to show the signs of yet another significant leap in his development. If you watch closely, you will see him doing or attempting to do many new things … Read More

Mental Leap 7 – Wonder Week 46

Mental Leap 7
The World of Sequences

Babies are natural mess-makers. During the last leap in your baby’s mental development, this talent probably seemed at its peak. You may have marveled at your baby’s knack for destruction … Read More

Mental Leap 6 – Wonder Week 37

Mental Leap 6
The World of Categories

With mental leap 6, at about 37 (or between 36 and 40) weeks, you may notice your baby attempting to do new things. At this age, a baby’s explorations can often seem very methodical … Read More

Mental Leap 9 – Wonder Week 64

Mental leap 9
The World of Principles

For the first time, your child is now able to change programs he’s learned so far. And he loves playing with this. You can see how he varies the programs endlessly and studies all consequences of this … Read More

Mental Leap 8 – Wonder Week 55

Mental Leap 8
The World of Programs

Every child’s first birthday is a significant occasion. The end of the first year means for many parents the beginning of the end of babyhood. Your little cherub is about to become a toddler … Read More

Mental Leap 10 – Wonder Week 75

Mental Leap 10
The World of Systems

With the tenth leap, 75 weeks after due date, or more easily said, 17 months, your toddler gets the new ability to perceive and handle “systems.” He is now able to see clearly over the world of principles … Read More