Always keep an eye on your baby with The Wonder Weeks | Baby monitor

A complete and secure baby monitor for any network with unlimited range. Keep a safe eye on your baby anytime, anywhere with live HD video. Installed within 1 minute. Includes a full chapter about “Sleep and leaps” with all the insights on your baby’s sleeping behavior!

The Wonder Weeks – Baby Monitor supports both Wi-Fi and 3G, 4G / LTE networks with unlimited range. So you never have to worry about whether you’re connected. And you can always check the status of the battery level of the baby unit. 

The connection between the baby and the parent unit is securely encrypted. Only you have access to the audio & video images. No data is stored.

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This is what The Wonder Weeks | Baby Monitor offers you:

  • Secured (wifi, 3G, 4G / LTE) connection with unlimited range
  • Everything you need to know about sleep and leaps
  • Whitenoise sounds and music to help your baby fall to sleep
  • Receive an alert when your baby wakes up
  • Set the sensitivity of the baby monitor so that you are only notified when your baby is really awake
  • Watch your baby live in HD video
  • See how long your baby has been sleeping
  • Talk to your baby through the microphone

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Want all the insights into your baby’s sleep behavior as well as keeping a safe eye on your baby? Download The Wonder Weeks – Baby monitor.


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