Back to your own new self after pregnancy and birth

Nine months on, nine months off. It’s a familiar phrase, but once you have had your final checkup about six weeks after giving birth, you’re on your own. Postpartum recovery is just as complicated for the mind and body as being pregnant is. And yet, you are left to figure it out by yourself.

With Back To You, that is about to change. The Back To You program has been developed with the help of global experts. It is revolutionary and guides you to fully recover and even become a better version of yourself, both physically and mentally. From now on, every mother can recover to the full, whether you just gave birth or a while ago. Step by step and based on research.

Discover how Back To You can contribute to your personal recovery. Your recovery is something we do together!

  • Insights & tips from the world’s most renowned experts
  • Personalized low to high impact mommy-proof workouts, with focus on a healthy and effective recovery
  • Work on those parts that are important to YOUR unique recovery
  • Self-tests: Gain unique insights into the effects of pregnancy on your body and mind
  • Special attention to your pelvic floor with the Mommy-proof BTY Kegel exercises
  • All about the impact of nutrition, rest, relaxation, posture and breathing on your recovery
  • Also available in premium app version


Includes the free Back To You workout app

With this app, you’ll be doing the workouts from Back To You in comfort!
Part of your book that helps you recover after pregnancy. Made by us with love, because you’re worth it! After downloading the app you will be asked for the unique code from the book, fill it in, create an account and… let the work-out start!

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