The Wonder Weeks Talk Official Facebook Group

The Wonder Weeks Talk OFFICIAL Facebookgroup

There are many groups on Facebook. As you might know The Wonder Weeks has an OFFICIAL group on Facebook, called The Wonder Weeks Talk. This page is for parents and carers who want to talk about the leaps (Wonder Weeks) with other parents. This group gives parents or carers the place and opportunity to tell story’s, ask questions, give answers and most of all it’s a place to give and get support to/from others.

Our aim is simple – to create a lovely positive supportive group that helps make your parenting experience a little easier. We understand the value of good support and the power of information so that parents can feel happy in their own individual parenting journeys. I do hope you will join us in this aim as really it can’t be achieved without YOU :) As such there is no place for judgement, harsh words or rudeness (admin does monitor posts). Please bear this in mind when responding to posts or comments – remember it is a real person (a fellow parent) you are responding to :)

You can find many other Wonder Weeks Facebook Groups; however, these are not affiliated with us. Unfortunately, we get some complains about some of these groups as people think that we are the admins. This is why we feel we need to make this statement. This The Wonder Weeks Talk – Official Group is the ONE AND ONLY OFFICIAL Facebook group of The Wonder Weeks, run by The Wonder Weeks Team. All the other individual Wonder Weeks groups are created and run by parents, NOT by us. All the statements and opinions are those of the admins of that group, and not of The Wonder Weeks Team (unless it’s clearly stated on our website and/or in our books/apps.).

If you want to create a new Facebook Group please note this ‘The Wonder Weeks Group Protocol’:

  1. The Wonder Weeks is a registered trademark. You may use the name, but you have to make it really clear that it’s an UNOFFICIAL group. This has to be in the title of the group and in the header image. If not, you are not allowed to use the name The Wonder Weeks.
  2. You have to make it clear that the admins are not part of, nor were they ever, The Wonder Weeks team.
  3. Create your own images for the header of the group, do not use our official images. You may use The Wonder Weeks Logo & book images to create your own header, but you have to make it clear that this is an unofficial group run by parents and NOT The Wonder Weeks.
  4. Do not promote statements, products, opinions under the name The Wonder Weeks.
  5. Do not answer any questions under the name The Wonder Weeks. When you answer a question, make sure that it’s clear that it’s your opinion/answer and not from The Wonder Weeks.
  6. Please place this with the description of the group:

NOTE: This is an UNOFFCIAL The Wonder Weeks group, run by parents and not by any members of The Wonder Weeks team. Opinions and statements made in this group are individual and not from The Wonder Weeks. If you have questions for The Wonder Weeks team and experts please visit The Wonder Weeks Facebook page or website ( These questions will not be posted and answered by other parents or carers, but will be answered through messaging The Wonder Weeks experts.


If you have any complains or want to report something about an UNOFFICIAL group, please feel free to contact us: