After pregnancy back to your own new self

Back To You is a revolutionary postpartum recovery program. It guides you to full recovery, both physically as mentally and to become an even better version of yourself. That’s right, both physically and mentally! Because recovery is more than just thinking about a flat(ter) belly.

Did you know, for example, that the structure of your brain changes after the delivery? That is why BTY has been written based on the premise that everything is related and everything affects everything else.

The only recovery program for every part of You. Join the postpartum revolution today!


The Wonder Weeks Sleep App - Available on AppleStore       The Wonder Weeks Sleep App - Available on Google Play

Discover how the Back To You – full program app can contribute to your personal recovery

  • Get insights into everything that physically and mentally changed after pregnancy
  • Proven methods to heal your diastasis and prolapse
  • Mommy proof workouts for every phase of your recovery and which you can do at home
  • Get to know your pelvic floor, and how to train and maintain them with the BTY-Kegel exercises
  • Find the right balance in your roles: as a mother, partner, friend, working mom and… yourself
  • Feel good in your own skin (again)