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Dive into the Wonder Weeks of your baby! Do you prefer a book, the app, the audiobook? Or do you just want to know and have it all…

The Wonder Weeks Book

Updated and Revised

  • Gives insight in baby’s 10 major mental developmental leaps
  • Explains the fussy phases every child experiences
  • Shows when new skills can appear
  • Gives parents tools to help their baby through all phases
  • Offers parents support
  • New Research on Sleep and Leaps

My Wonder Weeks Diary

The Best. Diary. Ever

This luxury diary is your ultimate keepsake. It is based on a unique method that enables you to track the things that really matter. A real must have!

The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide

Sleep and Crying Explained

Know everything you need to know about your baby without reading a gazillion books!

The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide: the ideal book to join it’s big brother, Worldwide Bestseller and multiple award winning The Wonder Weeks! While ‘The Wonder Weeks’ is all about babies ten leaps in the first 20 month, ‘The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide’ informs you on other topics than the mental health explained in The Wonder Weeks. Together they are the most complete resources for parents to turn to.

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The Wonder Weeks AudioBook

AudioBook App

Audiobook of The Worldwide Bestseller and multiple award winning.

  • Learn everything about the mental development of your baby hands-free!
  • Great for multi-tasking
  • Contains all information from the famous WonderWeeks book

(Slight differences with the printed book for recording purposes)

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