Who is The Wonder Weeks?

The Wonder Weeks has been a worldwide bestseller for 30 years, and with good reason: The Wonder Weeks is the only book that gives you insight into everything that goes on in your baby’s head during the leaps. Now you know why your baby suddenly enters a period in which he cries more and is not himself.

Know that this fussy period is actually really positive: your baby is learning! He is suddenly learning so much at once, that it becomes too much for him. The Wonder Weeks gives you the information you need to help your baby through the leaps as best as possible.

Our mission

Parenting can be an uncertain time. From the excitement during pregnancy, to recovery after giving birth and/or raising a child for the first/second/third time. With everything we do, we want to help parents become truly more confident in parenting. .

We don’t tell you what to do, but we give you insights so you can make the best decisions for you and your baby. Your baby and your style are our focus.

The team

The Wonder Weeks! is run by a small team of 8+ in the center of Arnhem, the Netherlands. Every day we are ready to help millions of parents stand in their power of parenthood.