A Deluxe Edition of The Wonder Weeks Diary for those magical leaps

This Deluxe Diary is your ultimate keepsake for all your beloved Wonder Weeks moments and more! Based on a unique method that enables you to track the things that really matter, discover the secrets behind your baby’s unique character and create a treasure for later… A TRUE DELUXE EDITION!


The Only Diary you Need!

  • Be the author of your own most treasured book.
  • Sibling of worldwide bestseller The Wonder Weeks.
  • Write, scrapbook and draw your ultimate keepsake.
  • Based on extensive research at top Universities.
  • Capture the first year of developmental leaps.
  • Makes you, the author, get an eye for the ‘little things’ that make huge developmental impact.
  • Luxury binding and printing with gold foil and golden ribbon.

A luxury diary!

The Wonder Weeks is a worldwide bestseller explaining the perceptual world and the leaps babies make from 0-20 months. How did your baby make the leaps? What did he do? How did he react? Where did he like to look at? This deluxe diary helps parents to get an eye for the little things that make a huge impact. Writing and scrapbooking this diary is fun and meanwhile…the questions make parents much more aware of the brainy things their clever, smart, fabulous baby is doing.

For those magical leaps


This book is superb, like a golden treasure. It’s been so carefully thought out, and once complete it really will be something special to look through in years to come. The diary is made of really good quality material. Each Wonder Week has lots of different questions about your baby’s mood, what they like, what they have learnt etc, as well as places for you to put photographs in, write letters and make scrapbook pages. Everything has been worded really well, so it makes it easy to complete and follow, and the way everything has been laid out makes it really easy to complete and lovely to read back.