The Wonder Weeks Online Guide

The #1 reason your baby is crying, fussy and doesn’t seem to sleep. Nope, it’s not you. It’s not your baby. It’s actually a positive development. With this innovative interactive sanity saviour you’ll get the answers and solutions.

What the Online Guide offers you:

  • Your own personal leaping chart
  • 10 modules, 1 module for every leap
  • 5 set parts per module; The leap, The world of your baby, Stimulate the exploring, Tips, tricks & Nice-to-knows.
  • 50 short videos
  • 50 animations
  • 5 exercises per leap
  • 20 months of access

Get inside your baby’s head with movies, animations, sounds, images, quizzes and texts from The Wonder Weeks Online Guide. Discover how you can help your baby (and yourself!) through the three C’s and sleepless times.

This explains everything

The Wonder Weeks Online Guide will introduce you to the 10 important leaps in the mental development of your baby. You’ll get insights into why leaps exist, how to recognize them, when they occur and what you can do to help your baby (and yourself!). Leap by leap we’ll take you along on the journey into your baby’s perception of the world.

Why us?

Everyone’s perception is more beautiful if they know they’re understood. This also applies, perhaps even more so, to babies. Understanding a baby isn’t that easy because their perception is so different from ours. With our knowledge, we hope to show you the perception of your baby so that you know what’s going on inside their little head and so that they feel understood and appreciated. It provides your baby with the opportunity to develop in their own special way and to reach their true potential. It’s the foundation of a smart start for a happy beginning.

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Based on international scientific research and the experiences of millions of parents worldwide… It’s not a coincidence that the mental development of babies is addressed by health and political organizations all over the world…

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