The Wonder Weeks Apps

Our sanity saving, all explaining apps. The must have ‘original’, and our AudiBook App.

Differences between The ‘Original’ Wonder Weeks app, and the Audio App.

The ‘Original’ Wonder Weeks app

– The info app –

  • Calculates when your baby will make a leap
  • Insights into what this leap is al all about
  • Notifies you when yourLO is leaping
  • Personalized The Wonder Weeks Chart
  • Explains how you can help your LO
  • Tips & tricks
  • Game suggestions
  • Movies & animations

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The Wonder Weeks AudioBook app

– For when you prefer to listen rather than read –

  • Bestseller book The Wonder Weeks in audio
  • Listen to all there is to know about each leap
  • Does NOT include the chapter on Sleep & Leaps
  • All chapters, ready to (re)download
  • Great for multi-tasking

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