The Wonder Weeks Team

That’s us! We would like to introduce our entire team to you. We are the people behind your favorite books and apps!

Xaviera Plas


CEO and Author

Xaviera is the daughter of The Wonder Weeks! Authors Frans Plooij and Hetty van de Rijt, mother of three, author and is committed to make the life-changing research of her parents accessible to every parent worldwide. . Thanks to Xaviera’s passion, The Wonder Weeks! is now a worldwide bestseller book and app.

Marco Plas


Head of Legal & Finance and Director of Operations

After a corporate career in the banking and consultancy world, Marco started working at the family business. Marco is married with Xaviera. Now Marco is mainly concerned with the app and contacts with foreign publishers.

Fabienne Pécasse


Marketing/Social Media Manager

Favorite task: Organizing the Influencer lunch for the launch of our latest book was a super fun challenge. You have to think about a lot; arranging an Instagramproof location, decorations, goodie bags and everything else that comes with an event.

Jeanette Riesenbeck


Personal Assistent Xaviera and Marketing Department

Favorite task: I think the Happy Service Award is a great project, because it highlights companies and initiatives that make life with a child easier. These companies, for example, have a super nice changing room or an adapted children’s menu, so that you never be left with too much food. My goal is to stick the Happy Service Award on as many doors as possible of child-friendly companies.

Amber Copray


Visual Storyteller

Favorite task: The challenge of converting an idea into a striking image for our followers is one of my favorite tasks. Always being creative and being able to translate this into (moving) images. Me and my camera are best friends.

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