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The Wonder Weeks Mobile Apps Privacy Policy – GDPR Compliance

The Wonder Weeks apps are NOT subscription apps. It means we do not automatically store your information on our servers, but rather the basic information you provide is stored locally on your device (such as baby profile information and leap alarm sync).

Please see the list below for more information on the data processing purposes for each type of app feature currently available.

The apps contain three (3) separate features which are linked to the 3rd party service providers, all of which are listed below.

Data processing purposes

The personal data entered by you is processed by The Wonder Weeks apps for the following purposes:

  • Baby’s name: We ask you for your baby’s name so you can keep track of multiple baby profiles in the app
  • Due date: The Leap Calendar feature is calculated on the basis of baby’s due date, so you can be ready to understand and help your baby through the difficult periods.
  • Baby image: Users may upload an image for the baby profile from their local device memory. In case the user has previously granted access to any other 3rd party storage provider (such as Google Drive or Apple Cloud), the baby photo may be uploaded from there as well.
  • Videos / Library: The Wonder Weeks in-app videos are stored on Google Firebase:


  • Backup & Restore: Users are welcome to backup and restore their baby profiles via their Google/Apple account:

Android: Google Privacy Policy

iOS: Apple Privacy Policy

  • Support (Send feedback feature): When submitting Support Tickets through the app, we collect the following data in order to provide the best customer service possible:
    • Name
    • E-mail address
    • Type of device
    • Location
    • Language
    • Time Zone

All the tickets-related data is stored on Twise Victory’s internal servers with the implemented osTicket software for the purpose of contextual information about problems or issues that users have reported. Any such information can be made available to the individual user or erased at any point in time upon user’s request by contacting our Support Department at [email protected] and [email protected]

This information is used solely for the purpose of providing service to TWW apps users. We do not share, lend, sell or show this information to any third party.

  • App Analytics: We collect data regarding the app analytics via Google Firebase, and crash-related events through Fabric Crashlytics services. Crashlytics uses a variety of identifiers to provide their analytics services including:
    • Android ID,
    • Android Advertising ID
    • iOS identifierForAdvertising (IDFA)

For more information, please see the designated services’ Privacy Policies: