Leap 9

Mental Leap 9 – Wonder Week 64

Mental Leap 9 – The World of Principles

For the first time, your child is now able to change programs he’s learned so far.

And he loves playing with this. You can see how he varies the programs endlessly and studies all consequences of this.

You can see how he does all kinds of “physical antics”:

  • gets acquainted with the outdoors
  • starts to be more skillful with things and language
  • imitates others
  • role-plays daily life
  • practices emotions
  • starts to think ahead
  • starts nagging to get his way
  • starts to put on drama-play
  • starts to “demand” a vote
  • starts to be “aggressive”
  • can distinguish between mine and yours
  • starts being nice and placating to get on mom’s good side
  • starts to make jokes to get around the rules
  • starts negotiating and bargaining
  • starts experimenting with “yes” and “no”
  • starts to know how to get someone to do something for him
  • learns to do something together
  • wants to help in the household and experiments with “thoughtless” vs. “careful.”

In the next leap, your toddler gets the new ability to perceive and handle “systems.”

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