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A mother sent us this letter:
“Dear Frans and Hetty,

… I always noticed that my baby was difficult for a few days before I realized that he was making a leap. I was irritated for a few days, but kept the feeling to myself until the proverbial straw broke the camel’s back. At that point, I became very angry with him sometimes, and my own reaction scared me. When this had happened three times, I wrote down all the leaps in my calendar. That way, I can read the next chapter in time for the next leap. It may seem crazy, but I think I can handle his difficult periods much better now. I know what will happen before it does. I won’t be surprised any more.

Sincerely, Maribel”

To us, this was a very special letter. Maribel described what many mothers feel—their baby’s leaps can be overwhelming!

This is why we developed the Leap Alarm. Just enter your data in the fields to the left. You will get an email during the week when your baby—at the earliest—will make the next leap. Each email will feature a short description of your baby’s imminent leap in mental development. And of course, this service is completely free!

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leap alarm

  • The email will be sent from You may want to white-list this address to be sure you notice the mail when it arrives.
  • You can add a Leap Alarm for another baby using the same address. Just create another Leap Alarm with a different name and another date.
  • If you enter the wrong date, you can subscribe again with the same name and the correct date. You will receive a mailing sequence based on each date you enter.
  • With each mail you receive, you have an opportunity to unsubscribe. When you do, you will unsubscribe all Leap Alarms sent to your email address. This gives you a way to erase duplicates. You can then subscribe again with the correct due date to continue the correct sequence.

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