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How Big is your Baby?

Wondering about your baby size in the womb and how the growth of your child is going on in your belly? Here you can find week by week the average size and average weight of your baby.

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Baby size in week 5: Tip of a pen

Week 5: Tip of a pen

Average size: 3 mm
Average weight: 0.1 gr

Your belly is changing and you too!
Baby size in week 6: Eraser

Week 6 – Eraser

Average size: 6 mm
Average weight: 0.2 gr

Your postnatal period

Cherish your body
Baby size in week 6: 10 Eurocent

Week 7 – 10 Eurocent

Average size: 1,5 cm
Average weight: 0.5 gr

How does my body change?

Your belly make place for your baby
Baby size in week 8: 2 euro

Week 8 – 2 Euro

Average size: 2,5 cm
Average weight: 1 gr

What symptoms?

Signs and symptoms
Baby size in week 9: Milk Cup

Week 9 – Milk cup

Average size: 3,5 cm
Average weight: 2 gr

Breast tenderness

Breast pain!
Baby size in week 10: AA Battery

Week 10 – AA battery

Average size: 4,5 cm
Average weight: 4 gr

Nausea Remedies

Morning Sickness
Baby size in week 11: Usb Stick

Week 11 – USB-Stick

Average size: 5,5 cm
Average weight: 7 gr

You feel your growing uterus
Baby size in week 12: Nail Polish

Week 12 – Nail polish

Average size: 6,5 cm
Average weight: 14 gr

The heart beat!
Baby size in week 13: Leapstick

Week 13 – Lipstick

Average size: 7,5 cm
Average weight: 23 gr

From burdens and lusts
Baby size in week 14: Bank card

Week 14 – Bank card

Average size: 9 cm
Average weight: 43 gr

From a smile to tears with spouts
Baby size in week 15: Computer Mouse

Week 15 – PC mouse

Average size: 10 cm
Average weight: 70 gr

How did it look and how it looks?

From embryo to fetus!
Baby size in week 16: Phone

Week 16 – Phone

Average size: 15 cm
Average weight: 100 gr

Pregnancy Hormones

HCG makes way for progesterone
Baby size in week 17: Book

Week 17 – Book

Average size: 18 cm
Average weight: 140 gr

Avoid abdominal separation

The abdominal muscles take place
Baby size in week 18: Small Bottle of water

Week 18 – Small bottle

Average size: 20 cm
Average weight: 190 gr

How to deal with?

Butt Pain During Pregnancy
Baby size in week 19: Miestone guide book

Week 19 – Milestone Guide

Average size: 22 cm
Average weight: 240 gr

Acid reflux during pregnancy

Emerging stomach acid is very normal.
Baby size in week 20: Iron

Week 20 – Iron

Average size: 25 cm
Average weight: 300 gr

Boy or girl?

That butterfly in your belly is your baby!
Baby size in week 24: Toaster

Week 24 – Toaster

Average size: 32 cm
Average weight: 430-600 gr

Strong belly?
Baby size in week 28: bookshelf

Week 28 – Bookshelf

Average size: 35 cm
Average weight: 660-1000 gr

More often to the midwife
Baby size in week 32: Laptop

Week 32 – Laptop

Average size: 40 cm
Average weight: 1150-1700 gr

Your dreams are intense
Baby size in week 37-41

Week 37-40 – Cushion

Average size: 45-50 cm
Average weight: 2800-4000 gr

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