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This book is an absolute God send! I have referred to it so many times over the past 14 months, I couldn’t recommend it more I think every parent should have a copy! #thewonderweeks

– Carly Bowden / @carly_bowden

This book has helped to keep me sane. I found myself in tears with my son in my arms after a day of him crying every time I put him down. This book helped me to realise he was likely going through a leap and he needed my support in a different way to the day before. I wiped my tears, had a coffee and cooed over my little man for the rest of the day.

– An Anonymous Mum / @the_lesser_celebrated_moments

I cannot explain how much I love this book. I swear by this book. It will be your best friend with your newborn. They just released a new edition with an extra chapter on sleep. My baby turns four months old this Saturday. He can hold his head up, scoot, roll over, sit up with minimal assistance, and has been the happiest baby. I tell everybody it’s this book and meditation. I’m your biggest fan.

– Chelsea @goldenyogimama

If you are a new parent or a parent-to-be and haven’t already got the wonder weeks book bloody order it STAT. The app is good but the book is so helpful – understanding what is happening to their little body helps to no end with the emotions and the sanity!!

– Scott & Renni @life_on_adriatic

// THE WONDER WEEKS // I can not rave about it enough, pure solid gold for new parents! It is amazing what difference it makes to your confidence and sanity when you know that there is a reason your baby won’t stop crying or grizzling!

– YUM MUM TUM / @yummumtum

I suffer most of my life from chronic anxiety disorder. After having my daughter in 2014 it was at its worse. I swear, understanding what she was going through. Knowing when she would be out of a leap, which she was dead on with the chart. Was such a relief! The Wonder Week app got me through those days! I have told so many new mom’s about the Wonder Weeks! Every mom needs to know. 💖

Rachel  / @rachellafferty36

Thank god for #thewonderweeks app!

– Cierra Johnson @melodiesmommy.17

Curled up with a good book while Harrison bearison naps ❤ He was on a hunger strike yesterday and the day before and had me so nervous, concerned and frustrated. This book has given me such peace of mind and I highly recommend it. It goes into detail about the specific changes happening to our little one’s brains during their “wonder weeks” and has given me some serious insight into Harrison’s changing behavior.

ᴀɪɴ’ᴛ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɢʀᴀɴᴅ? @cjazzler


lioness2wolves @klassykanadian

Given the polarity of info out there when it comes to all-things-baby, I am naturally a bit skeptical about things and read books with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, we have found this collection of theories (leaps and phases) to be *on point* with Little Leia. Fascinating. Sanity savior. The heads-up mama needs.


I love the @thewonderweeks app because I can follow along Ezra’s chart and receive alerts when we’re approaching a fussy stage. They also give tips for helping baby cope and explain the changes they are going through. It’s really helpful, and one of my favorite parenting resources!

Ashly | Blissful Womb @ashlymcclough

I have just found our about wonder weeks. I was pulling my hair out wondering why my baby was getting so sooky, clingy, an even worse sleeper (only 2-3 hours a day) and waking 1-2 hourly again during night times. Someone told me about ww and now I have the iPhone app and decided to fb you too. Thank you wonder weeks you have made my motherhood more enjoyable even when my baby becomes very difficult!!

Rebekah Jane

I love opening my copy of ‘The Wonder Weeks’ when my 10.5 month old son begins to act clingy, whiny, and downright fussy! The descriptions provided for each leap are very reassuring and remind me that my baby is completely NORMAL! For example, we have just reached week 44 (he was born two weeks early) and this week has been pretty rough! Low and behold, yesterday he began to not only rip apart his stacking toy–but he put it back together again! And scribbling with crayons! The parental testimonials are also a great help–they remind me that I am not alone (and every other baby goes through these phases as well!) This book makes our wonder weeks all the more wonderful!

Chantelle Koeslag

My little guy is currently going through the leap of Sequences. If it wasn’t for the Wonder Weeks book I would be loosing my mind wondering why he’s having such a hard time falling asleep. Thank you!

Kerry Nicol Vertegaal

I have recommended The Wonder Weeks to everyone I know! I have used it since day once of my child being born, and now six months later, people tell me I have the happiest baby around. When they ask whats my secret, I tell them The Wonder Weeks! It helps me prepare for her “cloudy” moments way ahead of time, and I love the tips on how to help them through it. It truly has been a lifesaver and so glad I was able to stumble upon it when I did!

“The Wonder Weeks, based on solid research, provides the language that makes understanding babies’ cognitive milestones so much easier, enabling a smoother transition into the wonderful world of parenthood”

Having a baby can feel like moving to a foreign country but the Wonder Weeks book is the ideal guide book to help the journey feel like an adventure!

The only baby book I kept, as it was the only book that aimed to help me understand my baby, rather than change her.

I can’t believe how accurate the timings and symptoms are for Wonder Weeks for my baby, it’s unbelievable!! Right now Charlotteis 24.5 weeks (she was a week overdue) and hates being changed, whimpers if I lay her down and has a hard time settling to sleep, although she clearly needs it… we have been like this for nearly a week. The last two days have been amazing in terms of development. She has rolled over from front to back, sat unaided for periods of time and started scooting on her back – all in 48 hours!!
Thank you for your wise words, if I hadn’t known what this was, I would most definitely have doubted myself in this period of unsettled behaviour. As it is, I can play games to help her development and give those all important extra cuddles.

Hopefully the unsettled behaviour won’t last too much longer??! It’s definitely worth it and we are already starting to see a few more giggles.

Rachel Payne

Once we discovered The Wonder Weeks, it took the edge off of the anxiety of being a new parent. We could see that what we were experiencing was not only normal, but now had tips for how to help our baby through it.

The Wonder Weeks helped ensure that we tried to relax about the small things, because really big things were going on in our son’s world.

@thewonderweeks– these people saved my sanity my entire first year of being a parent! (@ChristinaRTS)

Baby Winifred has gone bonkers, unsettled, grumpy, awake all hours. So grateful for @thewonderweeks for explaining why…leap 9, sequences. (‏@mouselovinlady)

I think wee bobbyrobin is finishing her leap at 19 wks. She’s more settled again. Thanks @TheWonderWeeks for your very helpful book! (@BobbyRobin)

Just got the 64 week email alarm from @TheWonderWeeks As always, it’s right on! (@@shhhihaveababy)

Love @thewonderweeks. Learned about it from @AskMoxie and swear by it. (@smacdo03)

I think every baby should be sent home with a copy of @TheWonderWeeks . It’s scarily accurate & reminds me I didn’t suddenly break my babies. (@AimeeNotAmy)

Oh dear lord, you don’t have the book? Get the to amazon! @TheWonderWeeks is absolutely CRUCIAL knowledge for infant carers. (@lakeline)

If you have a baby or are expecting one, the only book you NEED to read is @thewonderweeks. Tells you when & why your baby will be fussy! (@indie_insider)

I don’t know how @TheWonderWeeks app knows… But it’s so clever! Leap over, cheery little chap is back. (@saskiagregory)

I love @TheWonderWeeks. Here’s why … (@emily_nix)

Peeps with babies: the @TheWonderWeeks app is great for understanding why your formerly angel child has turned into a screaming machine. (@nduhamel)

@TheWonderWeeks it’s fantastic! Couldn’t have got thru without it! (@LollyDolly78)

@TheWonderWeeks I love your book! Helped me loads. (@LfTStaffs)


Blogs about The Wonder Weeks


No, this book is not black magic. Apparently it’s science and it will blow your mind. My son’s wonder weeks were SPOT ON every. single. time. Read this book, download the app, and prepare yourself for amazement.


Ali Damron

It does help to know that these are real and all babies go through them – there is nothing wrong with you or your baby. In fact, it’s a great thing because they are learning so much!

Babywise Mom

I find the information incredibly helpful when my baby is fussy for “no reason.” This book outlines when these changes happen, what is happening, and what you can do to help ease your baby through the transition.


Ask Movie

This book is *exactly* what every new parent wants: a guide that tells exactly why your baby is fine one week and freaking out the next. I can’t believe this book hasn’t gotten more press than it has, because it would really be a lifesaver for any parent with a baby under the age of 1.

Duck Pond Affairs

This book has accompanied me from the first week our baby was born. Ever since, it has provided me with great insight in our daughter’s world; it lets me know when to expect a fussy period and explains why, and therefore has helped me stay calm and help our daughter overcome the difficult times.


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From what I read about the book, it described behaviors typical of babies entering Week 19. It stated that babies could have trouble sleeping. They could be too distracted to eat. They could be clingy. They could be soo clingy, in fact that no one but their mommy could console them. (This describes Cain to a tee).

My Twinspirational Journey

It’s definitely worth it getting this book if you are the parent of an infant. It’s truly eye opening and has really been spot on in everything I’ve been seeing with the twins. They also have an app, which is a very condenser version of the book but def great to have!!


Childwise Chat

Know the Wonder Weeks. If you’ve never heard of Wonder Weeks then you will be SO glad I just told you about them! It’s so, so accurate! It is times when your baby is going through developmental leaps and knowing when they occur helps to know when your baby might struggle with sleep and be fussier than normal.


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