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Many people talk about the Wonder Weeks, leaps, fussy phases and ‘stormy periods’. Parents, bloggers and (online) magazines have written many articles, comments, reviews and stories about The Wonder Weeks book and app. We want to share them with you!


the wonder weeks reviews
Many people talk about the Wonder Weeks, leaps, fussy phases and ‘stormy periods’. Parents, bloggers and (online) magazines have written many articles, comments, reviews and stories about The Wonder Weeks book and app. We want to share them with you!

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Baby brain development made easy!
Brilliant book. Completely describes each stage of brain development from a lay persons perspective. Gives real examples of how each stage will change baby’s behaviour and functions. Invaluable to help you fathom the rapid changes in baby’s responses to his/her world and why routines or problems can pop up out of nowhere! Reassuring, easy read and kindle version great for in the go reading.Claire
All parents should buy this book
Sooo worth having for peace of mind. Great to have some idea what the little mite is going through. Really helps to give you a better perspective of your baby’s development and how to help them.Ms. D
Well worth being on any new mums shelf
Brilliant, really easy to pick up and put down, pick up again without much concern over where you left off. Very informative. Helps to understand behaviours.Rebecca Monkhouse
A must for any new parent!
This books gives a wonderful insight into why your baby is behaving in a certain way and it’s so reassuring when you feel at the end of your tether! It helps to explain those times when you just look at them and ask “what do you want?!?” And I found it made me feel so much better just having some explanation, or possibilities. Especially useful with the 6 month plus age!Mrs. A. Gorgon
Every parent I know has wondered at some time what happened to their baby, why they are so clingy all of a sudden, why they cry for apparently no reason, why they stopped sleeping well, why they stopped eating well, why suddenly nobody but Mommy will do… who took their nice baby and replaced it with THIS baby? And whose fault is it? “Did I spoil him,” they ask, or “Should I punish her?” Will I get better results if I stop responding to all these senseless demands? They look for answers, and get all sorts of advice from others, much of it less than helpful – but they don’t know what is going on, so they can’t filter the advice effectively.

This book has the answers to all those whys, and the reassurance that you are neither crazy nor at fault.

My patience expanded dramatically when I realized that it wasn’t ME, it wasn’t my fault, it was just a stage of development for my son. It helped to know that he was actually scared and needed me, and was not pretending or manipulating me. It helped to be able to look forward to the genuinely exciting new knowledge and abilities at the end of the stage. It helped to know that if I supported him, the phase would progress and end. I felt sane, and normal, and knew that other moms went through the same thing. PHEW! 🙂

I’ve passed the info on to countless other parents, all of whom have wished that the book was available in the US. I even contacted the publisher of the version in New Zealand, but no luck. Now, this PRICELESS resource is here, and the second I found out, I bought my copy. You won’t regret getting your own. Get it before baby is born, so you can catch those early “Wonder Weeks” and start getting in tune with how they grow, how their brains develop, and what it means for you. Get it anytime your child is fussy, clingy, frustrated, or has disrupted sleep or eating patterns. Get it if you or some parent you know is pulling out their hair, worried that they’ve spoiled their infant, or desperate to understand what is going on inside that wonderful and challenging little head.

This is honestly the most useful info I’ve read on the first year (and a bit) of baby’s life. Wonderful stuff!Heather Petit “hedracita”- Newark, United States

I just ordered 3 copies of this book to give as baby gifts to my friends, because I’ve found the information in this book to be so helpful. I’ve had it in a German translation since my daugther was about 6 months old and I seem to get it out and reread the corresponding chapter whenever my little one goes through a tough phase. It is encouraging to read the other parents’ remarks and know that I’m not the only one dealing with this. The authors point out that there are valid reasons for the babies’ behaviour. So if your baby all of a sudden is very clingy and difficult, don’t despair! Giving in to her/his needs is not going to make her/him a spoilt brat. By lending the support she/he needs, you will help your baby transition to the next developmental stage.A Customer
Every time my daughter went through a developmental stage I was thrown for a loop until I bought this book and was better able to understand what was happening. I thought I was going to lose my mind and now I can prepare for each new phase. Nobody tells you about these things. This book is just wonderful if you truly want to understand what is going on in your baby’s mind, and what parent wouldn’t?Newmommy “papillonmom2″ – United States
I don’t think I’ve ever bothered to do a review here before, but this book made me take the time to do it. I got this book when my daughter was a few months old and I recommend it to all parents. Each chapter discusses a “fussy phase” and explains the developmental leap that accompanies it. The book offers suggestions of how to handle it, how to cope when things get frustrating, what toys are especially useful during the phase, what games to play with your child at that time.

I love the way it’s organized. It’s very readable. Without fail, every time my little girl was acting…not herself…I would open up the book and sure enough, we were right in the middle of a great developmental leap. I feel like this book helped me understand my daughter better, and be a better parent. I WISH they would write a book for the second year as well.Julie Taber “jewels” - Binghamton, NY United States

Out of the many baby books I’ve read this is hands down the most useful. The information is excellent and makes me wonder why it’s not readily available (outside this book ie on websites). Wow, when read it it’s like I got the AHA moment and a glimpse into my daughters brain.

I will say though if anyone is for the CRY IT OUT method they need to read this book. Even though this isn’t a sleep book it gave me the insight to realize that I will never use the cry it out method when I know that my baby is going through a developmental phase and needs moms comfort and support more than ever; that would just be torture.SoCalAvAZ “SoCalAvAZ” - Laguna Beach, CA

This book was recommended by many of my friends and they were right: it is such a relief to finally understand that it is not your fault that your baby may have some pretty tough days and cry and fuss, but that it is a normal part of his or her development. Especially having our first baby and going through the first few weeks of being insecure about things, this book was a huge help. When we reached week 5 and she would not stop crying for hours a friend told me about this book and I felt like all the weight had been lifted of my shoulders and that I can handle her “attacks” much better now that I understand what’s going on. Having studied psychology myself I also appreciated the authors’ background and scientific information which is packaged in an easy to read way making the cognitive theories accessible to everybody.I also bought the handbook for games and activities by the same author and love it.N. Armbruster “Nic” - Australia & Germany
I appreciate that The Wonder Weeks honors the challenges of caring for a baby. It’s great info about development, yes. It’s also validation that development & accompanying fussiness are exhausting for parents. No other parenting book mentions that “during this time” mom is likely to have back aches & headaches. Continues to describe mom/baby as connected, like a continuation of pregnancy.

Milestones are identified at the same universal times everyone else (Brazelton, Sears, etc) describe. The key difference here is that there are suggestions of how to help your baby through and validation that it’s hard work. I really like the checklists in the book and the reminder emails.Melissa Jonas - Seattle, WA

All during my pregnancy I dreaded hearing the words colic, fussy, not a good sleeper…and then it happened…I had a fussy baby. I kept thinking it was something I was doing so I tried everything. Just when I thought there was nothing I could do, I found this book. What a lifesaver! It was as if the authors were talking just to me personally. If you just had a baby, or know someone who is pregnant, buy this book. It will keep you sane!!!Allison J. Gottlieb - Macomb, MI USA

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This is the perfect book to follow along side baby while she’s growing 🙂Anonymous
This book has really helped me learn what is going on with my sons development. When he gets fussy this books answers why and helps me learn how to help. The suggestions they give to help him push through the next wave of brain development work so well. I highly recommend this book! It also works well as a diary!Anonymous
It describes my daughter TO THE LETTER! She’s nearing her 19th week leap. I wish I had found this book prior to her earlier leaps–would have explained a lot!SarahP36
I got this as a gift and think that it should be given to every new parent as they leave the hospital with their little bundle of joy. The first few weeks will be bliss as you and your baby get to know each other, but just wait until they hit the first developmental leap at about 5 weeks. It explains why even the most happy baby is suddenly a screamer and then, again, as sweet as can be. Turns out that all babies are on very specific tracks when it comes to mental development, which is pretty cool if you think about it!

The Wonder Weeks will help save your sanity and let you know that there is nothing wrong with you or your baby – what they are going through is not just “normal,” but really pretty brilliant. According to the author’s research, all babies make leaps in mental development at certain, predictable times during their first 20 months. With each leap, he sees the world with a new perception and this stirs up everything he thought he knew.

Using the book as a guide, parents can be better prepared – often within a week or two – when to expect the fussy behavior that marks a new change in their baby’s development. In fact, every new parent (or grandparent, or auntie) should read this book!

Blogs about The Wonder Weeks

From what I read about the book, it described behaviors typical of babies entering Week 19. It stated that babies could have trouble sleeping. They could be too distracted to eat. They could be clingy. They could be soo clingy, in fact that no one but their mommy could console them. (This describes Cain to a tee).

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And then she linked to the website that became this book: The Wonder Weeks. Friends, it saved my sanity.

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It does help to know that these are real and all babies go through them – there is nothing wrong with you or your baby. In fact, it’s a great thing because they are learning so much!

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I find the information incredibly helpful when my baby is fussy for “no reason.” This book outlines when these changes happen, what is happening, and what you can do to help ease your baby through the transition.

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It’s definitely worth it getting this book if you are the parent of an infant. It’s truly eye opening and has really been spot on in everything I’ve been seeing with the twins. They also have an app, which is a very condenser version of the book but def great to have!!

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This book is *exactly* what every new parent wants: a guide that tells exactly why your baby is fine one week and freaking out the next. I can’t believe this book hasn’t gotten more press than it has, because it would really be a lifesaver for any parent with a baby under the age of 1.

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Know the Wonder Weeks. If you’ve never heard of Wonder Weeks then you will be SO glad I just told you about them! It’s so, so accurate! It is times when your baby is going through developmental leaps and knowing when they occur helps to know when your baby might struggle with sleep and be fussier than normal.

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This book has accompanied me from the first week our baby was born. Ever since, it has provided me with great insight in our daughter’s world; it lets me know when to expect a fussy period and explains why, and therefore has helped me stay calm and help our daughter overcome the difficult times.

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This is what people on our Facebookpage had to say about The Wonder Weeks:

The Wonder Weeks helped ensure that we tried to relax about the small things, because really big things were going on in our son’s world.

Once we discovered The Wonder Weeks, it took the edge off of the anxiety of being a new parent. We could see that what we were experiencing was not only normal, but now had tips for how to help our baby through it.

The only baby book I kept, as it was the only book that aimed to help me understand my baby, rather than change her. 

Having a baby can feel like moving to a foreign country but the Wonder Weeks book is the ideal guide book to help the journey feel like an adventure!  

“The Wonder Weeks, based on solid research, provides the language that makes understanding babies’ cognitive milestones so much easier, enabling a smoother transition into the wonderful world of parenthood”

I have recommended The Wonder Weeks to everyone I know! I have used it since day once of my child being born, and now six months later, people tell me I have the happiest baby around. When they ask whats my secret, I tell them The Wonder Weeks! It helps me prepare for her “cloudy” moments way ahead of time, and I love the tips on how to help them through it. It truly has been a lifesaver and so glad I was able to stumble upon it when I did!

The wonder weeks helped me dance in the rain and enjoy the sunshine with my 2 babies. An essential to any parent’s survival! Thank you!

Read it as a grandparent and so many things that my daughters went through now become clear and it would have helped me understand them better. I am now following my granddaughters progress through the Wonder Weeks dispite the fact that she lives in the Philippines, half the world away. Hopefully it stops me being an interferring Grandmother trying to tell my daughter what is wrong with her child!!!! It certainly gives her confidence as a mother that she is not doing something wrong when her child fusses.

Wonder Weeks helped me understand how my little girl was possibly feeling and how big everything must seem to her. It has helped from day 1 and continues to help today. As we know, babies are not delivered with an instruction manual but Wonder Weeks is pretty close.

The Wonder Weeks is the only book I will never loan to family and clients. It’s saved our sanity since my children were born. A brilliant, practice and informative book.

Each time our daughter would start acting cranky and just not herself, we would check our app and sure enough…. Big black cloud. This thing is so accurate! How did people parent before?

Its not giving advice, its not imposing a style of parenting, and in that way The Wonder Weeks is a supportive knowledgeable ‘friend’. It gave me a lot more confidence as a parent, especially when experiencing those tricky times with my baby that, as it turns out, come with a developmental leap. I wished I had had it for my first baby five years ago!

The Wonder Weeks is genius! It’s such a relief to be able to know that the rough patches are normal and won’t last forever. And to be able to help my son through those developmental phases with knowledge and understanding instead of frustration has been fantastic!

‘ The Wonder Weeks leaps are like ‘light bulb’ moments. Suddenly, my baby’s behaviour made sense. ‘

Now with our second baby, the Wonder Weeks has been pulled out once again. No more “wondering” when you have Wonder Weeks!
The “dark clouds” come and go, and our little family continues to grow.

One of the most revolutionary and helpful angles of the Wonder Weeks is that the authors compiled several parent anecdotes that signaled a change in baby’s world – all kids are very different, but if parents can find the common elements in seemingly unrelated behaviors, it feels like the key to the Universe!!


The wonder weeks is like a crystal ball into our baby’s behavior and abilities. It’s helped us understand our kiddo so we can meet and anticipate his needs.

The Wonder Weeks is more helpful to a mum than any well meaning family member or friend and of all the blogs and books available.
They say babies don’t come with a manual. The Wonder Weeks is as close to a manual as you can get.

The Wonder Weeks has been a great friend trying to navigate parenthood. We received great advice about how to raise our daughter from family and friends but Wonder Weeks provided a decoder for our little girl and I felt we could understand what she needed from us.

Sarah McHar It never failed… Any time I was frustrated, confused, or up in the middle of the night wondering what was going on with my daughter, I would open up my copy of Wonder Weeks and learn that sure enough, she was in the middle of a leap. This book offered so much reassurance to me as a new parent. I recommend it to every new mom I know! Best Milk Bistro, via Facebook

Darcy Rex Wood “The Wonder Weeks should be the only book a expecting parent should read. This is the holy grail of baby books. Thank you.” Best Milk Bistro, via Facebook

Hattie Riches-Croydon Helped me realise everything that was going on was something most babies and mums go through and I wasn’t alone! Best Milk Bistro, via Facebook

Bernadette Odzierejko We wonder about how our babies feel because they can’t use words to explain what they are going through. The wonder weeks is a parents reference guide, its the new age parenting bible. Best Milk Bistro, via Facebook

This book helps tremendously, especially during the early morning/late night feedings when one can feel so “alone”. All mom’s-to-be should read this. Jenna
Both my husband and I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t use it. Why don’t they recommend this at your local maternal health nurse?Carla
This book has become my “baby bible” as I now call it! I also have the app, my friends even ring me to ask when their child is on their next “leap!” A worthwhile read, and like many others helps me understand my little boys behaviour and development which I think has helped me to be the best mummy that I possibly can be to him! I agree with Carla that they should give it out to all new mums as they give birth. Thank you so much Wonder Weeks!!Eve
I so wish I had this book since the birth of my little boy. I am 41 and a first time mother. I left a successful career to become a complete novice at something so important as raising a child and I have never felt more anxious, undermined or unsure in my life about anything. This book has been a breathe of fresh air to me. Everything now makes sense to me. Those terrible days when I questioned my ability to be a good parent, doubting everything from my milk supply to my babies health and intellectual development are suddenly explained. Every negative feeling mentioned in each chapter I have felt and felt so guilty at the time. Now I can take a deep breathe and say “so this is normal, it is no-ones fault just a temporary hick-up that will pass and a step towards things getting better”. It is like spring cleaning, things always look worse during the process but perseverance means eventually they look better than before. Such a relief. I’m going to recommend this book to every expecting mum I know and all the new mums I meet in the future. It is good to know that I will have time to mentally prepare myself for the next leap and I will be able to fend off any well meaning advice givers (particularly my husband) with a confident response and just give my son what he needs regardless of what others may suggest. The other thing I am proud of is the level of intuition I realised I already had as to what was going on. This has boosted my confidence as a parent. There were so many things that I felt were going on but advice from anyone from mid-wives to grandmas and “Googling” did my head in and made me feel I knew less than they did. I’m going to say good bye to these feelings of inadequacy now and will be able to respond in a much more positive way to those who mean well with their suggestions; respectfully but with a good dose of salt! Again, so glad to have discovered this text.Tina Nielsen
Feel like this has been my best go-to guide for understanding my baby and am always recommending it to friends and people I meet!Janelle
It’s got the answers to put your mind at ease and guide you through the leap weeks with ease.Jill
I had baby number 4 this year and only found out about the wonder weeks due to being part of an online baby group that has a lot of members from America! What a revelation! So accurate and so informative, it’s so much easier knowing why he is fussy, not in his usual sleep routine, or being clingy etc… My only regret is that I knew about the wonder weeks when I had my other children. I think doctors/midwives etc should really recommend that all parents to be read up on this 🙂Emma Aubyn
Received my copy of The Wonder Weeks. I’m loving what I’m reading, spot on so far! We are due to embark on week 26 soon and I feel so much more comforted knowing that we are in for some unsettled times. It’s the not knowing that was always hard for me, I feel like some sort of control has been regained when I look at the calendar. Thanks!!Ally Clark
A friend of mine (a first time mum) was all about the books, I had already had 2 older kids 6+8 when we met in hospital with my 3rd.. I said to her don’t believe everything you read in books. She went on and on about “The Wonder Weeks” and I said “Fine i will read it” OMG it is so spot on, my 8 month old hits the leaps on cue. I LOVE YOUR BOOK AND APP!!! I tell everyone i know who is pregnant or has a young child that if they buy one book that it should be your book… THANKS SO MUCH!!! You have saved the sanity this time round and i am enjoying this time around so much more…Sandra Dale
Best baby book ever!!!Baby Signing and Kindermusik Classes with The Best Start Club
The WW saves my sanity & helps me to understand & support my baby. I’m so thkful for your research. Thk you.Michaela Olijnyk
I wish more people understood this instead of complaining about their poor crying babies. Discovering The Wonder Weeks completely changed my view!Bobbie Overton
Your app is a god send!! I didnt know about meantal leaps with my 1st but knowing and understand more with my 2nd has helped alot!! THANK YOU!Hayley Sambrook
I’ve been following this for 11 1/2 years and from all the children we’ve seen it seems very accurate if based on due date.Iris
My little guy is 51, soon 52 weeks and we are going through an INSANE fussy spell unlike any we have ever experienced. I am losing my mind. If it wasn’t for my WW book I wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on and this would be soooo much worse.Katherine Stephens
I bought the book and honeslty thought it was an load of old tosh – that is until we reached the hellish week 26 – thank you Wonder Weeks – your book is now top of the reading pile!Sarah Landfear
I love how spot on your research is! I just got an email notification about my sons 12 week leap. Right when we were up every 2hrs last night and my mum called after babysitting all excited about the new stuff he’s suddenly doing!Susan Wright
This book is amazing! I have a very fussy baby who has been out of sorts and grizzly for no apparent reason, hasn’t been feeding properly for a few days, cries when I leave the room (and even when I play peek-a-boo sometimes because I ‘disappear’!!), wants to be with me all the time and won’t sleep during the day without kicking up a huge fuss (even when she’s really tired!). I thought we had a few weeks before we hit another raincloud but after feeling a moment of despair I ran to check my book and yep, she is 24.5 weeks (adjusted age) and in the middle of the Relationships leap and doing everything just as the book describes! A funny observation of her learning was when she pulled on a toy on her play gym, let go, it flung in the air and she burst into tears, recovered and then did the same action four times and by the end she understood the cause and effect and it didn’t upset her anymore. It’s awesome to be able to observe understand her learning process – I’ll be sharing this book with all my new mummy friends 🙂 Angela Schilling
Great News! ‘The Wonder Weeks’ have come out with their new, expanded edition up to 20 months old. I love this book, and highly recommend it for some fascinating reading on what is really happening in your little one’s development.Best Milk Bistro, via Facebook
Loved the book and the app and wish the leaps were charted through 18 years old! Our daughter is a week away from turning 2 years old and we swear she just went through another leap! Thank you for helping us to recognize leaps and have the patience to handle them!Gail Gloudemans)
I wish I knew about this book when my 3yo was little. In retrospect I figured it out okay, I could see her little brain making connections. I’m glad that my sister has it for following her 10week old’s progress.Rachelle Walsh
This is amazing! I came across Wonder Weeks without even realizing that my baby was right smack in the middle of one and I am so glad I did. This is very useful information and it gives me the security to know that as each week is approaching I will be able to handle whatever comes with it with patience and confidence. I’ve already recommended this to all of my mommy and daddy friends!Maryellen Vineyard
I can’t believe how accurate the Wonder Weeks book is! We had a really bad fussy period from about 30 weeks, but it stopped dead on 37 weeks just as the book said. Then yesterday I noticed my little boy trying to build a tower for the first time after months of dismantling them, and I realised that he is now 46 weeks, so it’s dead on cue! It’s fantastic!!Kate Dunn
I have just found our about wonder weeks. I was pulling my hair out wondering why my baby was getting so sooky, clingy, an even worse sleeper (only 2-3 hours a day) and waking 1-2 hourly again during night times. Someone told me about ww and now I have the iPhone app and decided to fb you too. Thank you wonder weeks you have made my motherhood more enjoyable even when my baby becomes very difficult!!Rebekah Jane
I love opening my copy of ‘The Wonder Weeks’ when my 10.5 month old son begins to act clingy, whiny, and downright fussy! The descriptions provided for each leap are very reassuring and remind me that my baby is completely NORMAL! For example, we have just reached week 44 (he was born two weeks early) and this week has been pretty rough! Low and behold, yesterday he began to not only rip apart his stacking toy–but he put it back together again! And scribbling with crayons! The parental testimonials are also a great help–they remind me that I am not alone (and every other baby goes through these phases as well!) This book makes our wonder weeks all the more wonderful!Chantelle Koeslag
My little guy is currently going through the leap of Sequences. If it wasn’t for the Wonder Weeks book I would be loosing my mind wondering why he’s having such a hard time falling asleep. Thank you 🙂Kerry Nicol Vertegaal
I can’t believe how accurate the timings and symptoms are for Wonder Weeks for my baby, it’s unbelievable!! Right now Charlotteis 24.5 weeks (she was a week overdue) and hates being changed, whimpers if I lay her down and has a hard time settling to sleep, although she clearly needs it… we have been like this for nearly a week. The last two days have been amazing in terms of development. She has rolled over from front to back, sat unaided for periods of time and started scooting on her back – all in 48 hours!!

Thank you for your wise words, if I hadn’t known what this was, I would most definitely have doubted myself in this period of unsettled behaviour. As it is, I can play games to help her development and give those all important extra cuddles.

Hopefully the unsettled behaviour won’t last too much longer??! It’s definitely worth it and we are already starting to see a few more giggles 🙂Rachel Payne

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I don’t know how @TheWonderWeeks app knows… But it’s so clever! Leap over, cheery little chap is back. (@saskiagregory)

If you have a baby or are expecting one, the only book you NEED to read is @thewonderweeks. Tells you when & why your baby will be fussy! (@indie_insider)

Oh dear lord, you don’t have the book? Get the to amazon! @TheWonderWeeks is absolutely CRUCIAL knowledge for infant carers. (@lakeline)

I think every baby should be sent home with a copy of @TheWonderWeeks . It’s scarily accurate & reminds me I didn’t suddenly break my babies. (@AimeeNotAmy)

Love @thewonderweeks. Learned about it from @AskMoxie and swear by it. (@smacdo03)

Just got the 64 week email alarm from @TheWonderWeeks As always, it’s right on! (@@shhhihaveababy)

I think wee bobbyrobin is finishing her leap at 19 wks. She’s more settled again. Thanks @TheWonderWeeks for your very helpful book! (@BobbyRobin)

Baby Winifred has gone bonkers, unsettled, grumpy, awake all hours. So grateful for @thewonderweeks for explaining why…leap 9, sequences. ([email protected])

@thewonderweeks– these people saved my sanity my entire first year of being a parent! (@ChristinaRTS)
M.D., professor emeritus, Harvard Medical School)
This is a very practical and entertaining window into the baby’s first year and a half. van de Rijt and Plooij have observed and found the vulnerable times in an infant’s development that I independently came to in my book Touchpoints (Perseus). The authors’ observations and practical suggestions are wonderful.T. Berry Brazelton
Ph.D., Shattuck Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Anyone who deals with infants and young children will want to read ‘The Wonder Weeks.’ This book will open parents’ eyes to aspects of their children’s growth, development, changing behavior, and emotional responsiveness that they might otherwise not notice or find puzzling and distressing.Catherine Snow
John Richer, Ph.D., Dip. Clin. Psychol., consultant clinical psychologist and Head of Pediatric Psychology, Department of Pediatrics, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, England
van de Rijt and Plooij’s work on infant development has enormous value for clinical use and scientific application. Not only have they explained the periods of puzzling, difficult behavior in infancy which so worry parents, they have also shown how these behaviors mark developmental leaps and have described the stages in the infant’s understanding. Together, this gives parents and professionals soundly based insight into babies’ developing minds. What’s more, van de Rijt and Plooij have described the play and communication that work best with babies at different ages and thus helped parents understand and connect sensitively with their babies. This parent-child connection is the major prerequisite for the development of secure, well-adjusted children. ‘The Wonder Weeks’ is essential reading for everyone who works with infants: pediatricians, social workers, psychologists, and, of course, parents.John Richer
Ph.D., professor emeritus of psychology and education, University of Oregon.
van de Rijt and Plooij will help you see the world the way an infant sees it. As the child grows, displays of emotion (such as crying) tell us the child is summoning reserves of energy and is calling out for help in finding new ways to perceive the changing world. Because van de Rijt and Plooij have discovered predictable stages in the widening of the infant’s perceptions and skills, they can enable you, with their superb examples, to recognize the onset of these stressful episodes and to join your child in coping with them. So rich, indeed, are the implications of finding new perceptions and new skills in the midst of stress that whether or not you are a parent, it can never be too early or too late to profit from this book.Philip J. Runkel
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Terrible Twos’ a Misnomer, According to Research; Extended Edition of International Bestseller Released, Helps Parents Weather Emotional Storms. Research shows that the so-called ‘terrible twos’ don’t need to exist when it comes to child development. In fact, the behavior often associated with this stage – tantrums, moodiness, nagging and an affinity for the word ‘no’ – begins shortly after the first birthday. For parents, it is important to jump into action at this point so they can prevent the ‘two’s’ from becoming terrible and turn them into something tremendous. A child doesn’t need to act so ‘terrible,’ as long as you know what to do and, more important, why he is acting this way. By understanding these leaps you can make the transition into toddlerhood, and the subsequent stages including the ‘terrible two’s,’ into the ‘tremendous two’s’ and beyond. ‘Tremendous,’ says Dr. Plooij, ‘because it is with these leaps that a huge part of socialization is set for life. And tremendous: because good values and norms start now. If you invest in your toddler in this time, it will pay off for lifetime and especially in puberty.From the SFGate
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The Wonder Weeks – a look at cognitive growth in the first year – why might the baby be fussy, and what can parents do.via Carolyn Hax
The Wonder Weeks’ is a great book for new parents! It takes you step by step through the first two years of life and helps explain out those mysterious times in your child’s life where you think your fabulously well behaved child has suddenly become possessed… I can’t wait to get my hands on an updated copy of this book, because I think the insights will be invaluable in terms of being prepared and navigating the independence stage in a positive way!Heather
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We’ve found ‘THE’ must have gift for all parent’s to be! ‘The Wonder Weeks – How to stimulate your baby’s mental development and help them turn their 10 predictable, great, fussy phases into magical leaps forward’!
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Ask Moxie is a HUGE proponent of your book, that’s how most people probably learned of it. At least I did, almost 3 years ago and waited for it to be back in print. I LOVE it!Stacy Rodes Meyers
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I highly recommend the book, ‘The Wonder Weeks’ as they all really do go through extra clingy phases when going through developmental changes. If I recall, around now give or take a couple weeks they go through a stage of separation anxiety as developmentally they’ve realized that you’re capable of moving away from them and that the distance between you is out of their control. I’d love to go into it more but I’m sneaking in some online time while feeding the monkey in between packing for holidays!Petra, Boston
I’ve got ‘The Wonder Weeks’ and refer to it constantly. It’s not just the odd day though, or even the odd group of days, its been every single day since he was born, he will go to other people once he knows them, but I still have to be in eye sight, and the sleeping thing is crazy, I can’t even nurse him off to sleep and then sneak out off the room, its like he feels the pressure change on the mattress and instantly wakes.Moderator
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Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love this book, ‘The Wonder Weeks,’ to describe the age-linked changes (leaps) in development in a baby’s first 14 mos. If you don’t have this book, and you have a baby, GET IT! Fascinating read. And now they are here on FB and Twitter @thewonderweeks, they also have an iPhone App.Stacy Rodes Meyers
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As a developmental educator and infant massage instructor, I work with preterm and sick babies and their families. The Wonder Weeks book has been an enormous support for the parents I work with, as it confirms that the fussy periods are ‘normal’ and not the fault of the baby or themselves. We always correct the baby’s age to their 40 week due date when using the book; I have even added another fussy period to my chart before that, at around 34-37 weeks gestation when preterm babies are often fussy or very sleepy due to this active period of brain activity.

Frequently the fussy periods before a developmental leap can be misinterpreted and the behaviour blamed unfairly on the infant such as the baby being spoilt or manipulating. The mother is often blamed too, with comments about not having enough breast milk or holding the baby too much all of which, in my 30 years of experience, is rarely true. The consequence of such poor advice can be devastating for both parent and baby leading to breast feeding being not trusted and stopped or babies being left to fuss at the very time that they need extra support. In our parent groups I advise “if you want to initiate a change or routine don’t do it during a fussy period”- that way the change will be easier and quicker.

Recently having had my first grandchild I have seen first hand, how accurate the sections are in matching behaviour with brain development and am delighted that the book now covers 20 months. My daughter’s husband said, “I wish this book covered the first 20 years”!

I recommend The Wonder Weeks for everyone who is having or recently has had a baby and love that it can now also be downloaded so easily.
Cherry Bond RSCN, RGN, CIMI

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