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All babies go though the same changes in the mental development at the same time. This is called a mental leap. With each leap, your baby is given the possibility to learn new things. And every baby wants to learn, much less master, these new skills, as learning these makes him master that ‘puzzle’ or ‘chaos’ that is in his brain since the leap. Learning new things helps him to get through the fussy phase and is good for his development for the rest of his life.

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Even the Voices at the The Huffington Post talk about The Wonder Weeks!!!

Even the Voices at the The Huffington Post talk about The Wonder Weeks!

Article on

Article on
“It all made sense!”

Podcast by The Wonder Weeks at Mum Life Australia

Podcast with The Wonder Weeks
by Mum Life Australia

“The Wonder Weeks: One of our own personal favorites!” – the bump editors

“Breakthrough science reveals the true reasons of fussiness and weeks of wonders”

Interview with Dr. Frans Plooij

The Wonder Weeks Book

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The wonder weeks & milestone guide

The Wonder Weeks  is based on 35 years of research, rewarded the Gold Medal by Mom’s Choice Awards and loved around the globe by millions of parents.  The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide  informs you on other topics than the mental health explained in The Wonder Weeks.

Together they are the most complete resources for parents to turn to. Order your copy today!

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The Wonder Weeks Journal

How did YOUR baby make the leaps? What did he do? How did he react? Where did he like to look at? Best. Journal. Ever.

The Wonder Weeks

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The Wonder Weeks App

The Wonder Week app is a clever leap alarm in your pocket (but does not replace the book!)

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