Everyone’s perception is more beautiful if they know they’re understood. This also applies, perhaps even more so, to babies. With our knowledge, we hope to show you the perception of your baby so that you know what is going on inside their little head and that they feel understood and appreciated. It provides your baby with the opportunity to develop in their own special way and to reach their true potential. It’s the foundation of a smart start for a happy beginning.

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Development, Sleep and Crying Explained

The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide: the ideal book to join it’s big brother, Worldwide Bestseller and multiple award winning The Wonder Weeks! While ‘The Wonder Weeks’ is all about babies ten leaps in the first 20 month, ‘The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide’ informs you on other topics than the mental health explained in The Wonder Weeks. Together they are the most complete resources for parents to turn to.

Know everything you need to know about your baby!

  • physical development
  • sleep
  • crying
  • diet
  • emotional development
  • stress
  • intelligence
  • health

There’s nothing better than becoming parents. You are a team, a great unity. You want to do everything right, which brings, no doubt, a whole bunch of worries and questions with it. The questions and doubts are perfectly normal. They are even good to have. They bring out the best in you, and this is to your baby’s advantage.
Over the years, parents have asked me lots of questions on all kinds of subjects. They are questions that are not only on these parents’ minds but that are interesting to every father and mother. In our new book ’The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide’ I answer all these questions and more. Happy reading!

Frans X. Plooij

Unique, research based and break-through science!


  • Developmental charts
  • Fill-in schedules
  • Unique insights into your baby’s development
  • Practical and concise information

The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide


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The Ultimate Gift The Ultimate Gift
The cross generational present.
Yours now, until you pass it on to the next generation.
The cross generational present.
Yours now, until you pass it on to the next generation.
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