This Best. Journal. Ever. helps you to get an eye for the little things that make huge impact. Writing and scrapbooking this journal is fun and meanwhile… the questions make you much more aware of the brainy things your clever, smart, fabulous baby is doing.

  • How did YOUR baby make the leaps?
  • What did he do?
  • Where did he like to look at?
  • How did he react?
Wonder Weeks Journal

Wonder Weeks Journal

The Only Journal you Need!

My Wonder Weeks Journal
  • Be the author of your own most treasured book
  • Sibling of World Wide Bestseller The Wonder Weeks
  • Based on extensive research at top Universities
  • Capture every developmental leap
  • Makes you, the author, get an eye for the ‘little things’ that make huge developmental impact
  • Created based on high demand

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Its finally there:
The Wonder Weeks Journal…, for all those magical leaps
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Wonder Weeks Journal