When can a child do what?

When can a child do what?

Everybody would of course like to know when their child will roll over, crawl and walk, but children are not entirely predictable when it comes to physical development. In this article you can read when your child can do what.

You can see exactly when your baby is mentally capable of walking, for instance. But even though their mind may be ready, it does not necessarily mean their body is ready too! This table shows you exactly which milestones and phases of physical development a baby goes through, and you can see the age range at which babies reach these milestones. Read when a child can develop what.

Walking*, keeping balance, and climbing stairs

(A) Walking

BehaviorAverage ageAge range
First steps7 months and 2 weeks5 to 11 months
Step movements8 months and 3 weeks6 to 12 months
Walks with assistance9 ½+ months7 to 12 months
Sits down9 ½+ months7 to 14 months
Stands on their own11 months9 to 16 months
Walks without assistance11 months and 3 weeks9 to 17 months

*Including motoric control when standing

(B) Keeping balance

BehaviorAverage ageAge range
Stands on right foot with16 months12 to 21 months
Stands on left foot with assistance16+ months12 to 23 months
Stands on right foot without assistance22 months and 3 weeks15 to 30+ months
Stands on left foot without assistance23 ½ months16 to 30+ months
Jumps up and gets both feet off the floor23 ½ months17 to 30+ months

(C) Climbing stairs

BehaviorAverage ageAge range
Climbs stairs with assistance16 months12 to 23 months
Goes down stairs with assistanceAlmost 16 ½ months13 to 23 months
Climbs stairs without assistance with both feet on each step25+ months18 to 30 months
Goes down stairs without assistance with both feet on each step25 months and 3 weeks19 to 30+ months
Climbs stairs without assistance while alternating feet30+ months23 to 30+ months

Source: Collaborative Perinatal Research Project of the Bayley Tests.
Source: The Wonder Weeks Tips and Milestones.

The Wonder Weeks Tips and Milestones include tables listing the gross and fine motoric milestones, sitting, and standing.