Toy-related gift ideas for your child

Do you have no idea what to give your child during the holidays or for his/her birthday? In the blog below we’ve listed some great toy-related gift ideas for your little one(s). All toys stimulate mental and physical development during the first twenty months. In our app, you can find which toys you can use with which games and leaps! 


The rattle can be used to develop multiple skills during the leaps. Your child is very attentive to different sounds, a rattle is perfect for this. 

High-contrast baby books:

High-contrast books can be used particularly well at leap 1. When using a contrast book with bright colors, preferably in black and white, your little one pays a lot of attention to them. 

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During leap 3, many babies like to feel and touch things. This is because there are not only “smooth transitions” in the stroking movements, but also in the feeling in his/her hand due to the moving contact with the surface. It is very interesting to feel the difference between all kinds of textures; hard, soft, rough, smooth, and tingly. A doll with a face is perfect for stimulating these skills.

Shape sorter

After taking leap 7, your child understands that the next step in a sequence can take place. He or she also knows that a certain shape fits through a certain hole. With the shape sorter, your child learns to develop this new skill. 

A ball

A ball can be used as a stimulus for many different skills. For example, at leap 4, see the short series of smooth transitions and patterns of a bouncing ball. Or at leap 10, dip the ball underwater and see how it resurfaces. Your baby can experiment with resistance. 

Musical instrument

After taking leap 5, your child can understand that one thing causes another. Like the button that triggers music when pressed. With a musical instrument, such as a little piano, your child can discover that he/she can also make music on their own.

Stacking Tower

Your child learns during the leaps that something is in, out, on, above, beside, under, or between something else. The stacking tower is a great toy for your child to experiment with this new skill.

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