How to use the sauna during pregnancy

Being pregnant is wonderful, and having a baby or toddler in your life is wonderful ... But it's also great to have me-time once in a while. You can perhaps go to the sauna for a day! In this article, you can read about how to use the sauna.

The sauna

When you are in the sauna, you can follow the following steps. Only then your body will benefit from the full effects of a sauna.

1. Shower

You do not go to the sauna empty, but also not with a full stomach. It makes sense to use the restroom at the beginning. This allows you to better enjoy the sauna. After using the toilet, take a hot shower and then start the sauna bath clean.

2. Dry yourself

Dry yourself well because dry skin perspires better.

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3. Warm footbath

A warm footbath before the sauna also stimulates perspiration.

4. Sauna

In the sauna, you lie on a bath towel large enough for your entire body. Intense perspiration is better than less over a longer period of time. Therefore it is best to take a seat on the middle or highest bench, preferably lying down or sitting with your feet at sitting height, and stay there for a maximum of fifteen minutes. It is best to rely on your own feelings. While lying down you will feel the heat pleasantly even on your body. The last two minutes are better spent sitting down, preferably on the bottom shelf. This gets the blood circulation used to the vertical position and, when you stand up, the blood will not sink to your legs.

5. Cooling down

When you come out of the sauna, you can first go outside for an air bath. Your body needs oxygen now, and the outside air cools the lungs. You can also cool down with the hose or the rain shower. Before using the cold water bath, at least rinse off the sweat. If you have high blood pressure, it is better to avoid the cold water bath.

6. Warm footbath

Following the cooling down, you can take a warm footbath. Your body will be comfortably warmed from head to toe as a result.

7. Cooling

Repeated cold water applications train your cardiovascular system and improve immunity.

8. Rest

A subsequent break of 15 minutes after this, will bring relaxation and give you the feeling of recovering.

9. Next round

The following rounds you do in the same way as the first, only you don’t have to take a hot shower each time.

Tip: drink plenty of water in between when you go to the sauna for the day!

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