Pregnancy Week 8

This week your baby will devote more attention to developing the bones. Baby already had a skeleton of flexible bones, but this week the bones start ossifying. That means they get harder and more rigid. Some bones do not go through ossification, that is cartilage that remains flexible throughout our life. The ossification process that has started will not be finished before baby is born. In fact, it continues throughout our lifetime.

Our bones continue to harden and become less flexible with age. It is why older people break bones more easily. But it will take a while for your baby to reach that stage. Your baby’s face is still busy developing. Baby has eyes, but no iris as yet. Neither does baby have eyelids that can open and close. Until now, the eyes have been open all the time, but they can’t see anything. Your baby is now 0.63 inches in size!

The Sandman

Pregnancy Week 8: Frequent surprise visits from the Sandman

You may have been tired from the first day of your pregnancy or perhaps you fall under the category of women who are lucky enough to get a ‘boost’ of energy. It is however very normal that you are more tired than usual at this point. Tiredness. may even overcome you.

You get frequent visits from the Sandman at the most inconvenient times. It is quite normal at this stage of your pregnancy for you to take a quick nap or just crawl onto the couch to relax and do nothing. If you get some rest in time you can prevent yourself being overcome by the need to sleep.