Pregnancy Week 6

If you could listen to what is going on inside you, you would be able hear the heart! From this week on your baby’s heart is beating and baby has primitive blood circulation. That does not mean that your baby’s heart is pumping blood around its body; it’s still too early for that. But the basis for blood circulation has been created and it will continue developing in the coming weeks. The heart is beating, but it will need to develop a lot more for your baby to survive outside your body.

Cherish your body

Not only will you feel the changes your body is undergoing through your pregnancy, you will also start seeing them now. Your breasts are larger, you may have more acne, you are glowing, or you might look exhausted. These are all normal things when you are pregnant. Above all, try to enjoy yourself but also listen to your body. You should not dismiss the signals your body gives you. Get some rest and pamper yourself. You could go to a beauty specialist or ask your partner to give you a nice massage.

When you take care of your body from the start of your pregnancy, you can prevent post-pregnancy aftereffects that you could carry around for the rest of your life.