Pregnancy Week 35

Your baby is now completely ‘finished’ and is growing very fast. Baby is now about 18-19 inches and weighs about 5.25 pounds. The only organ that baby is still busy developing is the brain. But the brain’s enormous development continues after birth, too.

Has your baby ‘engaged’?

Your belly baby is still growing and that’s good. You will now feel the consequences of the last enormous growth spurt. If all is well, your baby’s head moves down and this will put pressure on your bladder. Just like at the beginning of your pregnancy it will probably send you to the toilet more often. When your baby moves down even more it gets ‘stuck’ behind the pelvic bone.

That is called being engaged. Your midwife or doctor will regularly check to see if baby has actually engaged. You may even be able to feel it yourself, for example if you sit on a bike. It’s as if you can almost feel the head between your legs. Don’t be concerned, it’s good your baby’s head has engaged. Then you know that baby will be born head first.

If your baby is not in the right position, the midwife or doctor will probably try and turn your baby this week.