Pregnancy Week 28

If your baby were to be born now they would have good chance of survival, but only with the help of medical care. Your baby is now 14.8 inches and weighs 2.22 pounds.

Frequent checks

The end of your pregnancy and therefore the start of baby time is getting closer. Your midwife or OB GYN will want to see you more often to give you the best support and to check your body and the growth of your baby. They will probably want to see you once every three weeks.

Start a habit of eating oily fish once a week. This is fish that is naturally oily not fatty because you add oil to the fish. Examples of oily fish are: mackerel, eel, herring, sardines and monk fish.

All these fish contain cervonic acid (an Omega-3 fatty acid) which is good for the development of your baby’s brain. The brain is now growing considerably. In fact, the brain undergoes its greatest development in life during the last months before birth and the first months after that. An additional benefit of these fish is that they rich in iron, which helps prevent anemia.