Playing is important!

Playing is important for your baby brain development

Playing is very important for your baby brain development. Children who are encouraged to play a lot become happier and more content later on compared to those who are not encouraged as much.

That means just one thing: have lots of fun playing together! Playing is important!

Playing is important for your baby brain because playing:

  • Improves memory;
  • Stimulates the growth of the cortex in the brain;
  • Stimulates the production of the substance that influences the growth of the brain cells;
  • (Regular play breaks) increases the acquisition of school material at a later age;
  • Stimulates the imagination;
  • Stimulates language development.

This list could be ten times as long, but the message is clear: playing is not an excessive luxury it boosts the brain. Playing is vital for the development of the brain just like good food is.

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What means playing for your baby?

One simple verb (action word): playing. But it is one with a lot of meaning.

A genuine action word, because for your baby playing is much more than simply entertaining themselves.

Playing is learning, it is hard work, processing and amusement in one. There is therefore nothing ‘simple’ about playing. 

For your baby playtime is work time

Even more amazing: your baby does it all by themselves. It does help them if you facilitate them in the right way. In other words, you guide and support your baby as they need it.

image with a baby play with a ball and stimulate the brain
Encouraged your baby to play.

Playing and your baby character

Did you know that the way your baby plays says something about their character? Which elements of the toys fascinate your child? How do they handle the toys? Which toys do they choose after taking a leap?

We know that playing is essential during development. Play various action–oriented games, thinking games or games that stimulate the senses.

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