Everyone’s perception is more beautiful if they know they’re understood. This also applies, perhaps even more so, to babies. With our knowledge, we hope to show you the perception of your baby so that you know what is going on inside their little head and that they feel understood and appreciated. It provides your baby with the opportunity to develop in their own special way and to reach their true potential. It’s the foundation of a smart start for a happy beginning.

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Milestone Memories App

Track your baby’s development with pictures! The Wonder Weeks™ Milestone Memories is THE app you need to create a perfect timeline of photos of your baby’s unique development based on the world wide Bestseller The Wonder Weeks™. This app helps you in the easiest way possible to document all first gorgeous, beautiful and meaningful moments of your baby’s development in their first 20 months of life. And… we’ll give you all of the standard ‘my firsts’ as a bonus.

Make sure each Wonder Week is treasured forever!

This app includes:

  • All checklists / My diary sections of the book The Wonder Weeks™
  • All ‘my firsts’ milestones
  • Fun stickers
  • Share with friends, save to your photo’s
  • More than 500 unique development tracking milestones

Contains ALL the Diary Checklists from The Wonder Weeks

Photograph and treasure

While The Wonder Weeks™ Milestone Memories is there to photograph and treasure the milestones and your baby’s ‘firsts’; the ‘classical’ The Wonder Weeks app’ will give you insights into each leap and share with you what your baby is going through and when, and what you can do to help. Take pictures and treasure with The Wonder Weeks Milestone Memories app, get insights with the ‘original’ The Wonder Weeks app.

Milestones & “Firsts”

All the important milestones and ‘firsts’ available to document:

  • Senses
  • Physical Development
  • Language acquisition & recognition
  • Music & Art Development
  • Mental Development
  • Emotional Development
  • First foods
  • Baby’s firsts outside…
  • First Holidays
  • Baby’s appearances
  • Firsts for parents… as you’ll have plenty firsts too being reborn as a new parent!
  • And way more firsts!

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When you, …like us, think that all the standard milestone apps just aren’t enough… you want to record the things that really matter and go the extra mile!

Take pictures and treasure with The Wonder Weeks Milestone Memories app, get insights with the ‘original’ The Wonder Weeks app.

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