Leap 6

From week 33, the world of categories will be knocking at your door, leap 6. The first signals of this leap will appear during weeks 33 to 38. Once your baby can perceive “categories,” he will realize that he can divide his world into groups. He understands that certain things look very similar. For example, that they look the same, make the same sound, taste, smell or feel the same. In short, he discovers that various things have the same characteristics and therefore belong to the same category. A new world opens for him!

The fussy phase of leap 6: change brings resistance

You will be able to recognize the fussy phase of leap 6 by the fact your baby cries more, is clingier and crankier than normal. And with this leap as well, you will notice that many babies refuse to have their diaper changed or won’t lie still when their diaper is being changed. And eating… that could become a battlefield. The three Cs characterize the fussy phase of this leap and your baby will cling onto that which feels familiar, his parents.

For most babies, this fussy phase lasts four weeks but it could last anywhere from three to six weeks. Did you know that all you have to do is fill in the due date in our app and you will receive a notification when the fussy phase of the leap begins?

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The skills phase: Looking, comparing, and categorizing

From week 37, you will be able to discover your baby’s first new skills. Whereas during the last leap, your baby discovered “relationships” between the things he encountered in his world, he will now understand that he can divide his world into groups! Your baby will learn that a dog is not a horse, that a black and white spotted cat is not a cow and that his parents can also be angry, sad, or happy. 

As soon as your baby gets the new skill of perceiving and making categories, he will be occupied with practicing and experimenting. You will notice that your baby will start studying people, animals, and objects in a certain way. He is busy looking, comparing and sorting things based on similarities and will put them in the category he has made up. 

TIP: Let your baby play with heavy and light objects, let him feel different materials and various shapes. Let your baby explore the various parts of things or let him play with the concepts of “high” and “low,” “big” and “small.” Our app contains even more games that will help you stimulate the leaps. Have you found them already?

A key to your baby’s personality

Some babies will mainly show their motor skills during the leap and others the speech and language skills. Every baby develops in his or her own way and decides for themselves what he or she wants to develop. And the best bit is that this says something about your baby’s (future) personality! Did you know that not only can you tick off the skills of the leap in our app, but you can also keep track of them in your personal diary? 

If your curiosity has been sparked and you want to know all about the 10 leaps, the fussy phases, and all the accompanying skills, order the book or download the app now!

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