Leap 3

Mental Leap 3 – Wonder Week 12

Mental Leap 3 – The World of Smooth Transitions

With mental leap 3, at around 11 or 12 weeks, your baby will enter yet another new world as he undergoes the third major developmental leap since his birth.

You may recall that one of the significant physical developments that occurred at 8 weeks was your baby’s ability to swipe and kick at objects with his arms and legs. These early flailing movements often looked comically puppetlike. At 12 weeks, this jerky action is about to change. Like Pinocchio, your baby is ready to change from a puppet into a real boy.

Of course, this transformation will not happen overnight, and when it does it will entail more than just physical movement, although that’s usually what parents notice most. It will also affect your baby’s ability to perceive with his other senses the way things change around him—such as a voice shifting from one register to another, the cat slinking across the floor, and the light in a room becoming dimmer as the sun dips behind the clouds.

Your baby’s world is becoming a more organized place as he discovers the constant, flowing changes around him.

In the next leap, the realization that our experience is split up into familiar events is something that we as adults take for granted.