Leap 3

Around 11 weeks, you may see signs of the next leap approaching: leap 3, the world of smooth transitions. Your baby is acquiring yet another new skill! Smooth transitions are things (whether tones, the brightness of light, or moving objects) that gradually (smoothly) change into something else. Smooth transitions are so natural to adults that we barely notice them anymore. But for your baby, these are the most complex things they can handle and are therefore peak experiences. Step by step, your baby is discovering their new world. 

The fussy phase of leap 3: the world turned upside down

In the beginning, this new world always takes some getting used to and is scary for your baby. For this reason, your baby will show the typical 3 Cs (Crying, Clinginess and Crankiness) around 11 weeks. This will tell you that leap 3 has started. In this fussy phase of the leap, your baby may be shyer, clingier, lose appetite and may suck their thumb more often than before. 

Another typical feature of this leap is that your baby will make fewer noises or move less than normal. This may appear like a step back, but in fact it is a big step forward! In our app you will find a list of signals of the fussy phase by which you can recognize this leap.

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The skills phase: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling

From 12 weeks you can discover the first new skills that come with this leap and your baby will be able to see, smell, hear, taste and feel “smooth transitions” for the first time. For example, after taking leap 3, babies like to put things in their mouth or turn their head to the side in a flowing motion. Did you know that we have another 400 leap skills in addition to these for you to discover in our app

You will notice that your baby’s movements are less wooden and jerky after having taken this leap. This change resonates in the way your baby plays with their voice. 

This development is the reason why babies love to play the airplane game, flying through the room in your arms, descend in a steep dive and taking off again – to name just one example. This game is all about smooth movements! In our app, in addition to the airplane game, you will find countless other tips and games that you can use to stimulate the new skills acquired during this leap.

Discover your baby’s character

Some babies mainly demonstrate motor skills during the leap, while others show in particular their verbal and language skills. Each baby develops in their own way and chooses a skill they would like to develop. And the best part is, that this tells you something about the (future) character of your baby! Did you know that in our app you can not only tick off all the skills of the leap, but also keep track of them in your personal diary?

Have we sparked your curiosity, and do you want to know all about the 10 leaps, the fussy phases and all the skills that go with it? Order the book or download the app right now!

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