Leap 10

Around 70 weeks, your toddler is ready for a new leap into the world of systems: leap 10. The last leap, at least the last one we have recorded. While in the previous leap you could see how your toddler practiced antics, became more agile with things and language, tested emotions, demanded to be included and started experimenting with “yes” and “no”, you can now observe your toddler becoming aware of systems after making this leap! 

Your toddler will be able to apply principles more smoothly and find their own way into this new world of systems, inside and outside the home.

The fussy phase of leap 10: the world turned upside down

Even though your baby has experienced the fussy phase of a leap already nine times before, a new world, where everything is different, remains an exciting event. From 70 weeks, you can recognize the first signals of leap 10 by the fact that your little one is excited about the changes. Your baby will be more inclined to cry or cling and be crankier than you would normally expect from them. 

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For most toddlers, this fussy phase of the leap lasts five weeks, but can also take one or six weeks. You can recognize the fussy phase of the leap in that your toddlers wants to be with you more often, throws temper tantrums, are shyer and sleep poorly. Would you like to know what other signals are indicative of leap 10? In our app you will find a list of signals that you can tick off and add to your personal diary!

The skills phase: on a journey of discovery

Around 75 weeks, your toddler becomes used to this new world and they can leave the fuss phase of the leap behind them. Their journey of discovery into the world of systems can begin: the skill phase of the leap. You will notice that your little one is a little more enterprising, they are behaving more and more maturely. They become very aware of themselves, gain a better understanding of time, begin to really enjoy music and they treat things and toys differently. They want to do everything by themselves!

They are also beginning to understand that Mom is a separate person and so is Dad. They will use concepts such as “you” and “me” and easily understand all similarities and differences. Your toddler will begin to understand that they are an individual and that the other person is also an individual. And that a person does not have to have the same preference as themselves. They will also imitate everything around them that’s loose and fast, day in and day out. This is their time to shine!

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Discover your baby’s character

Some babies mainly demonstrate motor skills during the leap, while others show in particular their verbal and language skills. Each baby develops in their own way and chooses a skill they would like to develop. And the best part is, that this tells you something about the (future) character of your baby! Did you know that you can not only check off all the skills of the leap in our app, but also keep track of them in your personal diary?

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