Leap 1

From week 4, your baby enters leap 1, the world of sensations. The first signals of leap 1 will appear between weeks 4 to 6 after the due date. After this leap, baby’s senses will undergo a sudden, rapid growth. Your baby will notice that something new and strange is happening in their world and they could get upset. After taking leap 1, your baby will be open for new experiences and you will notice that he is more sensitive.

The fussy phase of leap 1: the world changes

You could start to notice the first signals of leap 1 from week 4, when your baby cries more, is clingier and crankier than usual. This fussy phase could last anywhere from one day to the entire week. You have the greatest chance of seeing the signals of leap 1 in your baby around week 5. 

The fussy phase of the leap is not only a troublesome phase for your baby, but it can also be difficult for you as a parent. Mark down the start of the fussy phase in your calendar and you will always be prepared. If you have our app, you can automatically put these notifications in your calendar and the leaps will never catch you off guard again.

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The skills phase: growth and a tear

Although this new world, in which everything has suddenly changed, is extremely unsettling for your baby, around week 6 he will have become used to the new sensations that go with this leap. He is clearly more interested in the world around him and can see slightly better at distances past 8 to 10 inches now. As a mother, you will notice that your baby suddenly responds to you and others more. Also, your baby will produce a tear for the first time or more often than they did before. 

In the skills phase of this leap, you can discover the new world together by stimulating the developed senses. For example, walk around with your baby looking for colorful things with lots of contrast. Stripes, corners, and faces attract their attention. Did you know that our app contains many games you can use to stimulate your baby’s skills during this leap? 

And the best thing about this leap is that your baby could show you their very first smile now!

A key to your baby’s personality

Some babies will mainly show their motor skills during the leap and others the speech and language skills. Every baby develops in his or her own way and decides for themselves what he or she wants to develop. And the best bit is that it says something about your baby’s (future) personality! Did you know that not only can you tick off the skills of the leap in our app, but you can also keep track of them in your personal diary?

If your curiosity has been sparked and you want to know all about the 10 leaps, the fussy phases, and all the accompanying skills, order the book or download the app now!

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