The Wonder Weeks F.A.Q.

Do I need the book to use the app?

Last edited on 09 November 2022 13:53

Everyone uses information in a different way. Some people prefer to read, while others prefer to have everything digital. To meet all these needs, we have developed the The Wonder Weeks! Back To You book + FREE work-out App and the full Back To You Full Program App. These are meant to be used separately, not in combination. So you can choose one of the two products, which both have the same purpose: Back To You.

Book + Free Work-out App

In the book you will read all the information you need about recovery after your pregnancy & delivery! And since some things are nicer to see than to read, we created the free workout app where you can see the workout and join in. You can use the code from the Back To You book to install this free work-out app.

Back To You Full Program App

In the The Wonder Weeks! Back To You Full Program App, the book is completely digital. By filling in your delivery date you will receive the right information and work-outs for each phase. The same information as in the book is available in the app to read, listen and / or watch / participate. For this you can subscribe per month, quarter or year. Because the Back To You program lasts nine months, a year is the most economical option.

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