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Can I transfer the app to another device?

Last edited on 16 November 2023 7:21

Before you start, please make sure you made a backup of the app on your old device.

You can easily transfer the information to your new device by using the same AppleID as the app is connected to this account. When you have made a backup you can download the app again for free from the Google Play Store (when you have an Android device) or from the Appstore (when you have an iPhone). After you have downloaded the app you can go to the backup in settings and press on ‘(icloud) backup / Restore’ and press the ‘Restore’ button.

If you are trying to change between Android and iOS (or visa versa), please notice:

Google and Apple are two different platforms, it’s not possible to transfer your account from Apple to Google or vice versa. You can compare this with switching from a Playstation to a Nintendo. Some games are available on a Playstation and a Nintendo, but if you have the game on a Playstation it doesn’t work on a Nintendo and you will have to buy it again. The same goes for our app.

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