Let your baby cry or comfort him?

You probably recognize this: your baby sleeps like a rose in the playpen, on your lap, or in the sling, but as soon as you put your baby in its crib, he puts on a throat. He doesn’t want to be alone in his crib! It’s best not to let your baby cry.

Comfort your baby, he needs you close by to feel safe.

Of course, if you can make the crib comfortable with hot water bottles, your baby will be nice and warm, but even if you have done that, your baby may not want to be without his mother or father.


Many parents carry their baby during the day. But in the evening and at night, you want some rest yourself. How do you handle your baby’s crying when he won’t or can’t sleep? It used to be advised to let babies cry; it was good for their lungs. Now you see more often that parents prefer not to let their baby cry. You can let your baby cry for a few minutes, hoping the baby will “cry” himself to sleep, but if your little one is still not asleep after a few minutes, go to your baby to comfort him.

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In fact, letting your baby cry for a longer period of time is not good. He may get even more upset and then he won’t go to sleep at all. Your baby feels unsafe and alone, and letting him cry alone in his crib will not make him feel any safer.

The following tips can help to get your baby to sleep:

  • Do you notice that your baby is getting tired? For example, by rubbing his eyes, reaching for his ear, getting red cheeks, and/or yawning? Put him in his crib. When a child is overtired, he often has a harder time falling asleep.
  • Let your baby sleep in his crib, so it is clear to him that that is his sleeping place. The playpen is not a place to sleep, but a place to play.
  • Provide a bedtime ritual in the evening, for example: bathe your baby so he gets a little rosy or give him a baby massage
  • Does your baby still cry once he is in his crib? Then check on him and try to calm and reassure him.
  • You can swaddle your baby if he is restless. 

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