Breastfeeding: cluster feeding

Around ten days, six weeks, and three months a baby often cries and wants to drink more often. These days are called “cluster feeding”. If you are breastfeeding, you can feed your baby more often during these days.

Breastfeeding and cluster feeding days

Cluster feeding days have to do with your baby’s development and growth spurt. Sometimes mothers feel they don’t have enough milk because their breasts feel weak. Let your baby drink as often as he wants, frequent latching stimulates the breasts to make more milk.


More cluster feeding days may occur. For example, if the mother is sick or goes back to work. This has nothing to do with the baby’s development but with the fact that the mother is busier and sometimes more stressed. Milk production decreases slightly as a result. Sufficient breastfeeding and/or pumping is the solution to maintain milk production. Breastfeed your baby on demand to maintain your milk production even during cluster feeding days.

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