The Wonder Weeks Back To You - Full Program App

You have brought a miracle into the world and now you deserve some support to get… Back To You.

The Back To You program is a revolutionary postpartum program, and it will guide you to recover both physically as well as mentally and even to become a better version of yourself. Yes, you read that right, physically and mentally! Because recovery is more than just thinking about a flat(ter) belly. Did you know, for example, that the structure of your brain changes after the delivery? That is why BTY has been written based on the premise that everything is related and everything affects everything else.

The Wonder Weeks Back To You - Full Program App includes:


“Insights” offers you insights into the Back, To and You phases, “the XL-Fundamentals,” “the changes in your body and mind,” “workout tips,” “self-tests,” “tips from experts,” and much more. You can find them all under the heading “insights” on the “today” screen on the bottom of your screen.


Mommy-proof workouts for every phase of your recovery that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Also get to know, train and maintain your pelvic floor with the BTY-Kegel exercises.


 In each 3-week block, you choose four challenges based on the XL-Fundamentals: “diet,” “rest and relaxation,” “posture and breathing,” and “exercise and training.” The XL-Challenges offer you challenges and fun things to try out and they have a massive positive impact on your health, looks, and recovery.

Allow yourself to fully recover after pregnancy with this proven BTY method:

→ Gain an insight into all the physical and mental changes due to the pregnancy: from the structure of your brain to the position of your feet!
→ Proven method to heal your diastasis and/or prolapse.
→ Balance your hormones.
→ TLC for your pelvic floor muscles: prevent incontinence and… enjoy more intense orgasms as a bonus ;-)
→ Find the right balance for yourself between all your roles: that of mother, partner, girlfriend, at work and… yourself.
→ Feel comfortable in your own skin (again), literally and figuratively.

The only 101% recovery method for all parts of you. Join in with this postpartum revolution and experience your lifelong benefits…

Back To You App


The revolutionary and complete recovery program after pregnancy and birth, bundled in one app 📲!